Kwon TKD Suit Victory Poom WT rec.


TKD Suit Victory Poom WT rec.
The very high-quality, proven Taekwondo suit Victory Poom in white with black / red lapel (for children and adolescents black belt wearer) is suitable for training, as well as competition and in further numerous variants.
The cut of the jacket is long and wide, the long, wide pants with elastic waistband runs down to close.
The TKD suit with rib-like fabric structure is made of light, soft blended fabric (55% cotton / 45% polyester).

The Taekwondo Victory Poom suit is officially recognized by the World Taekwondo (WT).



Jacket: long cut – long sleeves
Pants: long and wide cut leg (carrot cut)

Material: 55% cotton / 45% polyester
Color: White m. black / red lapel
sizes: 120 – 180 cm

Kwon TKD Suit Victory Poom WT rec.